Samita Sinha

bewilderment and other queer lions
December 4-5 at 8p

Enjoy some of the area’s best food trucks before Friday night performances at ADI!

Joe Goode Performance Group

The Resilience Project
February 5-6 at 8p

Engage in a discussion about the work being presented.
These are designed for both experienced dancegoers and those new to dance.

Jonah Bokaer

Why Patterns | Recess
February 26-27 at 8p

Jane Comfort & Company

New Work
March 18-19 at 8p

Join us after every performance for a complimentary champagne reception.

Pam Tanowitz & Ballet ADI

the story progresses as if on a dream of glittering surfaces
April 1-2 at 8p

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