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2014 / 2015 Performance Season
“Those Urban Bush Women! How strong they are, how fierce, how smart. Their expressive powers shake the theater!“
-Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice
April 17-18, 2015 at 8p

Urban Bush Women

Walking with 'Trane, Chapter 2

Walking with ‘Trane is a suite of works based on the life and artistic imprint of jazz pioneer John Coltrane as conceived by Urban Bush Women's Founding Artistic Director, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar. In Walking with ‘Trane, Chapter 2, co-choreographers Zollar and UBW dancer Samantha Speis plunge the depths of Coltrane's formidable legacy, taking inspiration from the making of and music from Coltrane's album A Love Supreme. This chapter is being developed in partnership with George Caldwell, one of modern jazz's current pre-eminent players, who is creating new music around the legacy of one of jazz music's greatest innovators.


Urban Bush Women will return in fall 2015 with Walking with ‘Trane: Chapter 3 as part of ADI Incubator.
Photo credit: Rick McCullough
“There’s a bit of Lucinda Childs in her coolly, beautiful, aristocratic exterior.” -The New York Times
April 24-25, 2015 at 8p

Joanna Kotze


After creating and performing three separate trios - each trio a collaboration between two dancers and one visual artist created in a short, intensive period of time and connected to a specific space - choreographer Joanna Kotze and her collaborators present Find Yourself Here, an evening-length dance performance that brings the research, discoveries and unique people from these three trios together into one theater. With a spectrum between tension and harmony, isolation and togetherness, the performers use movement as a potent, immediate form of dialogue between bodies and disciplines, highlighting the boundaries and shared concerns of visual art and performance and the forums for presenting each.
Named 2013 Bessie Award Recipient For Outstanding Emerging Choreographer.
Photo credit: Ayala Gazit
“Beyond the ingenuous-ingenious attitude of Remy Charlip’s work there lies a world of tender, passionate feeling…”
-Tobi Tobias, New York Magazine
May 8-9, 2015 at 8p

Ballet ADI
Remy Charlip's Air Mail Dances
Choreographed by Jodi Melnick & Runqiao Du

Choreographers Jodi Melnick and Runqiao Du will each co-create four Air Mail Dances – a choreographic invention of Remy Charlip. Melnick and Du’s approaches and styles juxtaposed will highlight the universality of Charlip’s work.
“Charming and poignant.”
-Jennifer Dunning,The New York Times
May 29-30, 2015 at 8p

Christopher K. Morgan

Limited Visibility
Shedding light on the things we hide from public view…

Limited Visibility invites the dancers of Christopher K. Morgan & Artists to reveal things about themselves they usually don't share in public. The performers create intimate spaces on stage using an array of lighting sources they control themselves; from halogen work lights, to overhead fluorescent garage lighting, to paper lanterns. The evening length work is a suite of dances connected in theme and design, incorporating Morgan's sinuous, athletic movement style and an industrial, sleek design that "makes for a fascinating backdrop against which the dancers laid bare their souls" (Carmel Morgan, Ballet-Dance Magazine).
Photo credit: Brianne Bland